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Water Loss Prevention


There are also several different types of water detection devices
that you might want to consider for your home, condo, or apartment

Type of Devices
Key FeaturesWho Might Like this Type of Sensor
Individual Smart Leak Water Sensor
  • The sensor monitors a small area such as under a sink or behind a hot water heater
  • Least expensive
  • Easy to install
  • Condo or Apartment Dwellers
  • People who want to monitor water leaking for specific areas, but aren't concerned about leaking pipes in the walls
Do-it-Yourself Whole-Home Devices
  • Clamps onto a water main supply pipe and detects any leaks using ultrasonic sound
  • Connects to Wi-Fi and will send an alert to any potential leaks of a user's smartphone through a mobile app 
  • The mobile app also sends the user water usage reports
  • A single-family home renter or homeowner
  • Easy installation - no pipe cutting or scheduling a professional installer
Automatic Shut-Off Devices
  • Automatic water shut-off feature
  • Comprehensive monitoring
  • Requires professional installation
  • May qualify for a discount on your Homeowners Insurance Policy
  • Safeco also offers a "Water Damage Protection Cash Back Program" for Safeco customers; customers will receive up to $50 check-in which they do not have any water-related claims
  • Owners of single-family homes and vacation residences